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Get Ready to Regain Control of Your Life

‘E-Fit’, 30 Days to Understanding and Conquering your Grief is meant to guide you in dealing with a major loss in your life and motivate you to the path of finding happiness in your life again. The various chapters of the book will cover, dealing with the loss of a partner, family member, children, loss by a disaster, PTSD in an elaborated and empathetic manner so that you know and feel that I am there with you in this process. You can trust me to be that person who understands as you read through this book.

Here’s what you will gain from working with me.

  • We will break down the challenges into small manageable pieces.
  • You will chart your day to have tangible and accurate information
  • You will be shown how to build your sanctuary
  • You will learn the power of the 4 R’s Relax – Release- Reframe – Revive
  • You will learn how to share your new gift with your loved ones.


Although I have named some losses that the E-Fit Program deals with I want you to understand that your loss /grief is unique. It encompasses your life experiences. Your grief is as personal and unique as your fingerprint; no one else will have the  same bereavement experience as you and there is not one “correct” way to respond to loss.

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