E-Fit Sample - Preface

Are you tired of people thinking they know how you feel?
Telling you what you should be doing to make you feel better.

I have always been able to look at things that are kind of Complicated and Develop a process that help people get to where they want to go.

I have 6 years of experience working as a nurse at a Mental Health Facility, 4 years in a General hospital, and 3 years as an Emergency Care First Responder. I have learned, not in days or months, but in years that it’s my arms holding you that comfort the most, my ears listening to you that soothe you the most, being there for you that gives you the most security, my being an example to you that is the most convincing, and giving you gentle guidance that helps you the most. E-Fit is my gentle guidance for you. But I know the final decision, no matter what is said or done, rests with you. I want you to say yes and follow the process, I want you to get excited because it’s not me who will be telling you that things are getting better, it’s you that will be telling yourself.

E Fit – Focused on you series.

Dealing with the loss.

We are wondrous creatures. Think back at all you have experienced. Everything that you have done, felt, smelled, heard and touched. All of the places you visited and the people that you have met. You live, you love, you hurt, you long, you suffer, you grieve, you’re happy, you’re sad – all of this is your world. The reality is that your entire world, your universe as you know it, weighs about three pounds. It is so powerful that took the world’s most powerful supercomputers 40 minutes to mimic just one percent of one seconds worth of human brain activity. It is amazing that under so called normal circumstances, we can keep our thoughts positive and manage a fairly normal and happy life. But we must also remember that there is more to us than meets the eye. We are never alone. Your brain also has an elusive companion. By intuition we know it’s there. Some call it our soul, others call it vibration or energy. It has no weight, it can’t be seen or studied, but it has an incredible influence over our feelings of hope, desire and faith. They make a good team.

Then why is it so hard to deal with loss? That answer is not so simple but, Therese A. Rondo, Ph.D., sums it up accurately in this statement:

Your grief is as personal and unique as your fingerprint; no one else will have the same bereavement experience as you and there is not one “correct” way to respond to loss.

That is because no one else has the same life experiences as you. I could tell you how I have dealt with it and maybe some of my experiences may help you. But I can assure you, that you and you alone, have the ability to make yourself become emotionally fit. The step you have taken by purchasing this guide is the right one.

This is my third project in the – Focused On You series. I’ve written about communicating in difficult situations, bullying, and now loss. The C.R.I. (Clarity, Respect and Integrity) principles hold true throughout the series. I will provide you with concrete steps to follow as you begin your path to being you again.

The content that follows focuses on loss. Grief is the reaction to a loss of any kind.

Death may claim a loved one. A marriage or friendship ends. Health fails. A pet dies. A job is lost. Grief can also arise with the loss of a home or business through disaster or financial distress. However, some of the most difficult and painful losses we will ever experience are the deaths of a mate, child, parent, sibling, or a loss under traumatic circumstances such as war, rape and other such events that can lead to PTSD.