Difficult Conversation Sample - The Purpose

The purpose of E Fit is to provide you with the tools needed to approach difficult conversations with a process in hand. The processes contained within the following pages are non confrontational and applicable to all areas of your life, at home, work, within groups or at play.

Until two people can agree and generally abide by the same set of rules for communication, there is little chance they will communicate effectively.

The tools are set up in a manner that allow you to reflect, upon an emotional upset, on why you are feeling this way and to provide you with guidance in how to handle these emotions. Having these emotions is OK; but you must accept that you are ultimately responsible for your action or inaction in the resolution of this challenge.

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Introduce the E Fit processes to as many people as you can. The more people who possess E Fit process skills, the more likely it is that the skills will be valued, modelled, encouraged, and used by individuals in conflict situations

For Business

When adopting the E Fit process for business, realize the business itself, aside from the human element, is an entity that has needs. Taking this into consideration, each and every System Design should be tailored to the specific needs and culture of the organization.

Not only will your employees utilize these tools to reach agreements within the confines of the workplace, you will also find that their new learned skills are being used with their customers, suppliers, stakeholders and in their personal lives

Bryan Jean

Grievance procedures and most mediation programs are often not available to address many kinds of interpersonal disputes that cause significant workplace disruptions.  Moreover, many in the workplace are unwilling to use these procedures. The E Fit processes are specifically designed to empower individual and provide them with the tools to address their challenges early and constructively. No matter if you have five employees or 250,000, adopting the E Fit processes provide a solid foundation from which a company or organization can build and mould its interpersonal communication structure. The breath of the E Fit processes is not limited to internal communication.  Once you begin to work with these processes you will see that their applications are boundless.