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Focused on YOU Series Reveals:

How to Feel – Deal - Act or Forget

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  • You Feel the emotions that have been stirred within you.
  • You decide on how to Deal with the challenge by quickly going through the processes in your head.
  • You decide if you are going to Act and how, then do it.
  • You Forget and move on stress free.
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In this Ebook You Will Discover...

  • Why Use The One To Talk 2 Process?

    “There are so many variables when it comes to talking with someone in difficult situations. What are the rules that have been learned in the past? Power, intimidation, fear, don’t talk back, you’re worthless, and these only skim the top of the iceberg.”

    Using the “How To” guidance provided by One To Talk 2 processes in this e-book will help you.

  • People Are C.R.I.ing Out For 3 Things

    1. Clarity

    Clarity is the ability to make a statement or send a message that is understood by the person or people you are communicating to. Clarity is an ongoing process. You only have to go to our legal system to confuse this process. In our legal system there is always some room left for interpretation. When several people can read the same text and come up with a different meaning, a challenge exists to provide clarity.

    2. Respect

    Respect must be earned is a half-truth. A truer statement is respect must be given. From this standpoint an individual retains the accountability for their actions.

    3. Integrity

    According to Webster’s dictionary:

    Integrity is behaviour in accordance to a strict code of values. “We is a reflection of me.” What you do, is mirrored by the people who look up to you for guidance.

    Being honest with yourself and others.

  • Basic principals Conflict is natural

    Conflict in and of itself, is not necessarily good or bad, it’s the way that a conflict is handled that makes the outcome positive or negative.

    Conflict management skills empower individuals to take responsibility for their own conflicts and for the resolution of those conflicts.

    The more individuals who possess conflict management skills, the more likely it is that the skills will be valued, modelled, encouraged, and used by individuals in conflict situations.

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