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One To Talk 2- Addressing Difficult Conversations

Until now, the importance of emotional first aid has not been promoted to the same extent as physical first aid; hence the need to have E-Fit Coaches (Emotional Fitness) abounding in our society.

I use my E-Fit Coaching skills on a daily basis. Unlike my emergency first aid skills, which are seldom used. And there is one thing that is for sure, you can be just as proud when you help someone through an emotional crisis. A physical crisis can be more life threatening, but any wound, be it emotional or physical, will fester, creating more and more problems the longer it is left unattended.

The more people who use the process to develop conflict management skills, the more likely these skills will be valued, modelled, encouraged, and used by other individuals in a conflict situation.

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One To Talk 2 - About Bullying

There is a lot of information available on the internet, and there are plenty of support groups, organizations and schools that have anti bullying programs for children and adults. All of them worthwhile and beneficial. They all give people resources to help them with bullying. Great people, great programs.

But I did a Google Search for Anti Bullying Programs and there were 22 million hits.

So why did I read in the news last month about two young ladies taking their own lives because of bullying. Why is it that bullying continues to be an epidemic?

What can I do? Let me help you.

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